Dealer Program

Here at Jagua Ink, we want to lower the cost of Jagua gel and create a larger market worldwide. After many requests from people wanting to learn how to make the extract into gel, we have set up a dealership program that will help people start their own businesses. In order for a person to qualify to become a dealer, it is simple, just buy three gallons of Jagua Extract. We have extended a special wholesale price for new dealers to help them get started. After the new dealer has purchased three gallons, then Jagua Ink will teach you how to mix the Extract into Gel. We will give you a gelling formula and all the tips on how to improve your gel. We will also post you as a Jagua Ink dealer on our website. This allows Jagua Ink to cut down on shipping charges and helps the dealer with local buyers. Dealers also will have access to post their work on our website to gain recognition among fellow artists and new clients. You are welcome to sell Jagua Ink with your own brand to build your business. Basically, this is the way the cost breaks down:

Extract $4.00 per oz.
Gelling formula ingredients $.50 per oz.
Application Bottles   ½ oz. $1.25 Each
Dealer Price $5.75 per oz.

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