Directions For Use

Things Needed

  1. Paper towels
  2. Application bottle or cone
  3. Rubbing alcohol
  4. Cotton balls
  5. Rubber gloves

Application Directions

  1. Take paper towels and place them on anything you do not want stained.
  2. Put on rubber gloves.
  3. Apply a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball and clean application area and then let dry.
  4. Apply stencil to the dry area and fill in application area. Or start your freehand design.
  5. You must wait till gel is completely dry to remove gel
  6. Remove gel by peeling it off with your fingers.
  7. After peeling gel, wash area with warm water and a mild soap
  8. Dispose of all paper towels and rubber gloves and clean area with soap and water. 

Tricks of the Trade

  1. The longer the gel is on skin, the better the stain. We recommend at least two hours.
  2. Avoid sunlight or any sun tanning lotions.
  3. Avoid tanning booths.
  4. Add a little rosemary oil to your gel right before application (this helps open the pores in your skin).
  5. Application bottles are reusable. Just clean with soap and water and let dry.
  6. Keep gel refrigerated if not in use.
  7. For hairy areas, you may need to shave before application.


  1. Do not use around eyes. "If it gets into your eyes, wash with warm water continuously until irritation stops. Contact your doctor."
  2. Do not swallow. "If swallowed contact your doctor."
  3. Keep away from children.
  4. Keep away from animals.
  5. Keep away from anything you don’t want stained.
  6. If you have sensitive skin, apply to a small area and see if you have a reaction to the gel.
  7. Children under the age of 16 need supervision.
  8. Do not mix Jagua gel with any other type of body art dyes or colorings.