Health & Safety Statement | Multipurpose, Longer Lasting Dye

Jagua is an all-natural multipurpose pigment/dye. It is used in many different market's around the world such as Textile, Food coloring, Cosmetics, Body art etc. Here at Jagua Ink we pride ourselves with top quality of Jagua extract. We process it ourselves so we know its done right. Unlike most companies have someone extract the dye for them.  We feel that we had to do it our self to create a uniform and quality dye for our clients.

We recommend that you should carefully read and follow the instructions that were sent to you with your order. If instruction was not supplied please contact Jagua ink for a copy before using this product. With any natural product there is a risk of allergic reaction.  Jagua Ink llc can not guarantee you will not have an allergic reaction to our dye. If you have any allergies to essential oils we do not recommend using our gel on your skin. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using any dye in any way.

Jagua Ink recommends that you first clean a small area of skin and test the dye before creating a large design. Let the gel dry approximately 2 hours wash with water and soap and wait till it darkens.

Jagua ink recommends that you keep the Jagua gel/extract away from small children. We also recommend adult supervision with children under the age of 18. If swallowed Contact your doctor. Contact with eyes wash with water repeatedly and contact your doctor. This product is for the body only should not be use on face.

Jagua Ink llc recommendations for a longer lasting stain*

  • Stay out of sun (sweat will work the dye out of your skin faster)
  • Avoid tanning booths (Again it will open your pores on your skin allowing your skin to naturally clean your skin.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals like Beach, Cleaning solvents, Sun tanning lotion.
  • Your body will naturally work the stain out of your skin. Everyone is different but normally your body will work the stain out with in two weeks.

They way Jagua work is the genipin in the Jagua reacts to the ammonia acids in your skin making the dye to change colors. The dye will darken at different speeds due to the amount of ammonia acids your skin contains. Also will last different lengths due to the amount of ammonia acids your body produces. This is why people can not guarantee the length or the darkness of the dye on skin. The length and darkness of the stain is due to individuals ammonia acid count in your body produces.

* We guarantee the shelf life of our our gel for 30 days if kept refrigerated. If the gel looses it staining power with in the 30 day guarantee you may return it to us for your money back or a replacement bottle. Customer must pay for return shipping after testing the gel and if proven not to stain than a refund or replacement will be issued. Customer must send copy of sale receipt with the return.