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Body Art Medium

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Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in the juice is called Genipin (a small molecule which reacts with (protein/amino acids). In the juice, it’s bonded to a sugar and together they are called Geniposide.

This is what happens when the fruit is squeezed: enzymes (so called glycosidase) remove the sugar part of the geniposide; free genipin is released and can react with proteins / amino acids which are in the juice.

This juice then changes color as it goes through the fermentation process. This is the reason why we freeze it directly after the extraction process to prevent it from going through the fermentation process.

It is kept frozen until mixed into a gel with an all-natural formula. We also have been able to create a gel with 100% pure extract from the fruit that helps this process with different types and amounts of ingredients we have selected for our formula.

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Natural Additives

We add a thickener called xathan gum in order to get the gel form. We also add natural rosemary oil in order to open the pores in the skin for a deeper penetration.

The gel will enhance the stain allowing it to stay on the skin and not dry as fast. This allows the gel to penetrate deeper and let the Genipin mix with more of your body’s amino acids longer creating a deeper and darker stain.

Most of this depends on the amount of amino acids in our skin on how the dye will react. This is the reason why some peoples’ tattoo will last longer than others and why some have a darker tattoo stain.

All of these things must line up in order to get the full effect of the dye. This is the reason why we guarantee the shelf life of the gel/extract and not the tattoo. The extraction of the dye is extremely time-sensitive in order to freeze and preserve the freshest fruit on the market.


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Product Sensitivity

We get a lot of questions about if the dye will cause rashes or inflammation.

Our research shows that there is a possibility that some people are allergic to the skin of the fruit. This is why we peel every fruit to ensure that this will not happen with our clients.

There is, however, a small risk of break-out due to sensitive skin or allergic reaction to some fruits and nuts. Again, it is a very low percentage. If you are concerned about this, please contact your doctor.

We do not add water to our gel. We do not dilute it with anything. It is 100% extract made into a gel.

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Jagua Contents

We answer frequently asked questions about the Jagua fruit. The Jagua fruit is in the same family as the Jasmine tree (Rubiaceae). It’s fruit has many different properties. Here is a basic breakdown of the Jagua fruit as provided by Columbia University:

food values per 100g of edible pulp




67.3 g


5.2 g


0.3 g


25.7 g


9.4 g


40.0 mg


1.2 g


58.0 mg


3.6 mg

Vitamin B

0.004 mg

Vitamin B2

0.004 mg


.50 mg

Ascorbic Acid

33.0 mg

amino acids per gram of nitrogen


316 g


178 g


219 mg



Been using the new powder at our festivals and locations and it’s quick to develop to a very dark, black stain.

krysteen L.

Customer Satisfaction

We are international leaders in the Jagua art medium industry, and supply over 100 countries with our raw material. Known for our high customer satisfaction, we are proud of the distinction it has created for us in the market place.

Our Guarantee

If manufacturer’s directions are followed and for some reason, the stain did not work for you we will refund your money.

Committed to Quality

Our Jagua powder product is processed in a facility that follows all GMP / HACCP guidelines to produce a superior product of the highest quality.