The GeniPen is a multi-purpose pen that is made out of silicone with an exchangeable tip system. This allows the user to find the precise size of tips for their unique application needs. It is flexible to use across many lines of art mediums. You can use it with Glitter glue, Fabric paint, Botanical writing ink, Jagua gel, Henna Paste, and many others.

The GenPen will hold around 7ml of liquid. Plenty for a large body art design. It is refillable so no more rolling cones for henna application. To refill the GeniPen just take a Luer lock bottle with a 2″ blunt needle. Remove the black pen cap on the application side of the GeniPen. Place the 2″ blunt needle into the pen and start loading the pen from the bottom up. When injecting the gel into the GeniPen do it at a slow pace to avoid leakage out the front of the GeniPen. As your charging, the GeniPen start removing the refill needle slowly as you fill until the Genipen is full.

The GeniPin will come with one 20 Gage luer lock application tip.

The GeniPen is sold empty.