Premium ink for body art with a guaranteed shelflife of 30 days.

Jagua: The modern, Sustainable body art Solution.

Jagua is a fruit indigenous to the rain forest, scientifically known as Genipa Americana. It is a common plant throughout the tropics of South America, and has been used as a body art medium for over 2,000 years. Jagua works by permanently staining the outermost layer of skin and creating a blue-black temporary tattoo that lasts until the skin regenerates in 7 to 14 days.

We have worked with the tribes of Panama for many years in farming, harvesting and producing the highest quality body ink made from the Jagua fruit. Jagua Ink is the highest quality body ink available on the market.


Professional Customer Service

We are leaders in the Jagua art medium industry. We wholesale our raw material worldwide and have a presence in 100 countries. We are known for high customer satisfaction and are proud of the distinction it has created for us in the market place. We have developed an industry changer with our new Jagua powder. This medium gives the flexibility to create the perfect ink medium that allows the artist to be more creative in the way it is applied. With this, you create a drawing on canvas, and paper now. You can mix it to use with a paintbrush or a feather pen. The artistic drawings you could do are endless.

Jagua Powder Guarantee

We guarantee our stain. If manufacture’s directions are followed and for some reason, the stain did not work for you we will refund your money.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to quality. Our Jagua powder product is processed in a food grade facility. The facility is certified and follows all GMP / HACCP guidelines.


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