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This product is 100% Pure Jagua fruit juice.  Cold-pressed from the jagua fruit and filtered. We Package our juice in aluminum spout pouches for freshness and to block UV light. Our jagua ink is world-renowned for its quality of stain. We do not use any type of heat nor chemical in our extraction process. What sets us apart from the rest on the market is we process in a certified food facility that we own, and we live where the fruit grows. We have a high-quality standard in our processing and the highest environmental practices on the market. Our fruit goes through a four-step quality check starting from when the fruit is picked to our finished product. Every batch is tested in house prior to it being released on the market. Our Jagua ink is known in the body art industry around the world for its dark staining abilities. Over the year artist from around the world has developed different formulas and staining colors. These variations in colors are achieved by mixing the jagua with different formulas and also other body art mediums.  It is commonly used to mix with henna to create different colors of stain ranging from dark brown to black.  

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Jagua ink is a fruit juice and it will have a fruit juice type consistency. We recommend you mix the amount you need and freeze the rest. If you are going to be only mixing it into a gel you can freeze the gel after it is mixed as well. Please try not to thaw and freeze multiple times. If you are buying in large quantities, please fill smaller containers before freezing and only thaw the amount you will need for your next batch. The shelf life on our jagua extract is 1 year in its original packaging and kept frozen. Remember our fruit juice extract is like any other fruit juice. If you keep it frozen it will last a long time. If you keep it out it will start going through the fermentation process and start killing off the staining properties resulting in a weaker stain.

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